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Colorado State University Expands 3D Mapping Curriculum with Trimble Donation

April 3, 2019

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Source Article: POB Online

Trimble announced it has awarded a significant in-kind gift to the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University (CSU) that will expand the University’s leadership in training and research for 3D building design, construction management, digital fabrication, civil infrastructure, geomatics and the sustainable built environment.  This gift will enable CSU to integrate Trimble solutions across its curricula.

Trimble’s portfolio of building construction solutions support the Constructible Process, enabling digital transformation of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) workflows.  This process empowers disparate teams across the construction lifecycle with actionable data to improve productivity and reduce waste, the company said.

The gift will be recognized as “Technologies by Trimble” throughout the Department of Construction Management. The department’s labs will include Trimble laser scanning, Trimble Field Link and Rapid Positioning Systems, UAS and surveying systems, and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers.  Trimble’s software packages will include RealWorks® scanning software, Trimble Business Center, Vico Office Suite, Tekla® Structures, Sefaira Architecture and its popular 3D modeling software SketchUp Pro, along with MEP software such as AutoBid SheetMetal and Mechanical, Sysque and AccuBid Electrical estimating packages.

Potential applications of these technologies include scanning historic and other buildings to ensure their preservation as well as planning future renovations; designing and 3D printing of architectural building models; surveying and layout; and improving construction estimating and scheduling to reduce costs.

“Working with Trimble represents the culmination of a fruitful, multi-year collaboration between CSU’s Department of Construction Management and Trimble,” said Jon Elliott, Assistant Department Head and Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Construction Management. “Through numerous pieces of Trimble hardware and software applications, students gain important exposure to cutting edge technologies in surveying, virtual design and construction (VDC)-based estimating, site logistics, 3D modeling, building energy performance analysis, laser scanning, photogrammetry, and so on.

 Beyond the applications, Trimble’s dedicated employees provide outstanding educational opportunities through software demonstration and training. Through this exciting collaboration, Trimble is making significant contributions to our goal of preparing construction management students for a technologically advanced and dynamic construction industry.”

“Collaborating with CSU’s Department of Construction Management has been exciting,” said Roz Buick, Trimble vice president.  “Trimble’s portfolio is highly relevant for students at the university. It will be rewarding to see the next generation of architecture, engineering, construction and building operations professionals experience the breadth and depth of our construction lifecycle solutions.  We also look forward to supporting and learning from these new professionals as they experience and apply our solutions to real-world applications in their curricula.”

The gift was made to CSU’s Construction Management Program in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

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